How to choose the best garage door for your home

July 27, 2018

Garage doors are typically not the prettiest thing to look at. Yet, a property’s exterior is one of the most important areas to boost value.

If you’re investing money into home renovations, upgrading the garage door can be at the end of the list. However, like all things home-related there comes a time when your garage needs a little love and attention too. And who says your garage can’t be appealing as well?

Whether you’re considering selling or simply after a better looking, more functionable garage, finding the right look isn’t about luck. There are multiple types of garage doors on the market. Which one is the best fit for your home, budget and personal flavour?

To potentially add thousands to your property’s value and lift its kerb appeal, a garage door is a wise investment. Here are the essential considerations to make if you’re looking to upgrade yours:


Choose a material to fit your climate and lifestyle


Purchasing a garage door based on the appeal of its material isn’t a practical option. Instead, invest in something that works well with your climate and lifestyle.

Garages are often thought of as functional and sturdy. However, not all material is created equal or offers the most secure option for your home. Garage door materials range from metal, fibreglass, steel, aluminium and wood.

Metal, fibreglass and steel are more durable and will last longer. Coastal locations will need material choices that are stylish and well-protected against salt corrosion. Homes in extreme hot/cold climates will benefit from fibreglass as it is durable and a great insulator to help keep heating and cooling costs down.

Steel/Aluminium: Steel is the sturdiest but also most expensive. Aluminium is sturdy but lightweight, both with minimal maintenance. However, aluminium can be prone to denting and is easier to damage than steel. Both can be stained or painted to match your home’s exterior

Fibreglass: Affordable, durable, maintenance free, more customisable than steel/aluminium, resistant to salt corrosion and able to closely mimic the texture and colour of wood doors

Wood: Traditional, classy and warm. Can withstand most weather conditions but needs constant long-term upkeep and prone to warping, rotting and termites

To match material choices with lifestyle, consider how the garage will be used. If you have active children that play in the driveway, for example, you may want to consider one without glazing or glass windows. Your garage must reflect your lifestyle too, as well as the house and climate.


Think long-term


It’s also important your material choices reflect long-term living.

Most homeowners love the appeal of wood. Timber garage doors are beautiful, but they’re a long-term investment as well.

Choosing wood requires more attention and maintenance, increasing costs long term. Although some homeowners find the effort worth it for the authentic, earthy look they deliver, untreated wooden garage doors are a maintenance nightmare.

For homeowners with busy lifestyles or corrupting climates, wood-look garage doors may be a better fit. These are designed to mimic regular wood but are constructed using composite wood materials or fibreglass.


Use style to enhance kerb appeal


Is your lack of street appeal driving potential buyers away or making your cringe as you pull into the driveway?

Garage doors can lift your home’s exterior. First impressions count and your home’s façade is no different. In fact, a new garage door renovation can add thousands to the property value. Style can also be affected by your choice of panel design. Panels will add style and depth to both the garage door and property’s street appeal.

Today’s technology has also fuelled great innovations. Concealed garages are a prime example of how regular garage doors have evolved into smart design concepts, turning garage doors into modern-day art.

Tip: Garage door accessories and accents can also be used to add charm to your garage door and boost kerb appeal. Define door space with a painted trim – bold accent trims add more character to the home. Decorative hinges or handles will add detail and charm.


Match door design with your home’s architecture


Your design and material choice should match your home’s architecture or design.

The types of garage door designs are forever growing. Choosing the ‘best’ can be like trying to find the door to Narnia. Some styles have windows, others have architectural specifics to imitate your home’s details.

Doors can be double-sided or traditional-style carriage, or opt for a more streamlined appearance to balance the overall composition of your home’s exterior.

Some ideas to draw inspiration from include:

Stone detail: Homes showcasing a lot of stone detail match beautifully with metal garage doors with a wood grain finish

Rustic exterior: If your home has a rustic charm, try wooden garage doors with sleek and modern contemporary lines

Flat or stucco finishes: Suit modern or aluminium garage doors

Traditional homes: Blend into the home with something simple, or make it a statement piece with custom wood or brightly painted steel

Victoria and Colonial homes: Panelled wood or garage doors with windows. You can dress up with decorative hardware too, like iron hinges/handles


Balance construction and performance


The mechanics of your new garage door must work efficiently to perform well long term. This includes spending a little extra for beefier springs and hiring a professional for the installation.

Aside from the materials and aesthetics, consider the type of garage door you want and how the mechanics perform for each. Some examples include:

Rolling doors: Are guided by tracks and counterbalanced by springs. They’re best suited to garages with plenty of headroom and traditional locking mechanisms

Sectional doors: Are made from multiple panels hinged together. They move vertically in the opening and horizontally along the ceiling and are the most adaptable garage doors in terms of appearance

Flex-a doors: Made from a durable Roll-a-Door curtain, these doors are best suited for spaces with limited headroom. Performance is smooth and easy to operate

The best garage door for your home will boost its value and increase street appeal. It’ll also help to provide an extra space in your property that’s secure, sheltered and safe. Which garage door style will you choose? Leave your comments below.


Author Bio:

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Pinnacle Garage Doors – Perth specialists in garage door installation, service and maintenance. You can catch her on Google+.