Windows that stylishly add more privacy and efficiency to your home

August 15, 2018

Perth is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Each year, thousands of people flock to our beaches and our coastal suburbs are experiencing some of the largest population growth rates in Australia according to the Bureau of Statistics.

With such a high volume of the population that clearly love living near the ocean, we are seeing more building and renovating activity geared towards creating luxury beach house designs that encompass and become part of the beautiful coastal surrounds.

One of the biggest building and renovation trends we are seeing as a window film specialist is the innovative use of glass.

Effective coastal home designs pay particular attention to the use of glass and window. After all, what’s the point of living near the beach if you can’t actually see it from your home and soak up those stunning views.

Beach home owners will often utilise as much as possible, large-span glass windows and doors in their home designs and whilst they look stunning, they come with their own subset of challenges that need to be considered. Such as, privacy, increased heat & glare in summer, furniture fading regulating inside temperatures all year-round and ensuring your home is energy efficient.

So, if your beach property is attracting too many ‘peeing toms’ or your view is creating an inside sauna during summer, here are some clever and stylish ways that you can use window tinting to maintain your privacy while keeping your space light, energy efficient and more importantly, stylish!

Frosted glass – make your windows private without losing light

Frosted window films are one of the most inexpensive and stylish ways to enhance the privacy whilst retaining lots of natural light in your home. There are lots of beautiful and innovative ways to use frost film to maximise comfort and appeal in your home such as decorative cut-out panels or plain frosted designs that cover all or part of your windows. Most frosted film products come with solar control properties which is particularly effective at reducing heat and glare from heavily glassed areas. Frosted film is also moisture resistant, so it’s ideal if you’re wanting to create a decorative and privacy solution in your bathroom without it impacting your views or the light coming through.

If you are designing or live in a two-storey home that has clear visibility into another property, you may need to consider a frosted film in your design to meet privacy regulations. But rather than resorting to blocking the whole window, the beauty of frosted film is that it can allow you to be very creative retaining both privacy and access to your stunning ocean views.

Privacy or stylish feature? Graphic window film can help you do both

A simple way of bringing colour and vibrancy into your home can be achieved by using graphic coloured window film. Graphic window film can be custom designed with any pattern or colour and added to any pane of glass to create beautiful effects inside and out to help you achieve the stained glass look at a fraction of the cost. This look is perfect for bringing warmth and some character into your home, whilst allowing you to create a feature piece in your design that doubles as a privacy solution.

Embrace the view and conquer the heat with solar control window film

Many homes in Perth set on the coastline have the advantage of being privately set back into the natural landscape. The home designs utilise a lot of window to achieve an open light-filled interior that becomes part of its surrounds and has expansive views of the ocean.

But for these West facing homes, the window views come with excessive heat build-up and glare which can raise inside temperatures to an uncomfortable level. Window shades can help eliminate this issue, but they block the stunning views and, and can cost a significant amount more than window films.

No need to cover up your view. Many window films today are so optically clear they can appear non-existent and offer reflectivity that is in some cases lower than glass. This means that your windows can retain the same visual clarity inside and out and look exactly how they were intended to look in your home design.

Sun control window films can reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat and UV light while allowing natural light in. The view? Virtually unchanged. If you’re wanting extra privacy, sun control window films come in a range of darkness levels that work discreetly behind the scenes to help reduce heat, protect your furnishings and reduce your air conditioning usage all in the extra privacy of your home.

Whether you’re looking to let the natural light in, creating an open unobscured view or you’re wanting to create a statement in your home design with coloured, etched or texturised glass all whilst enhancing the privacy and comfort in your home, then window film is an ideal solution to help customise your glass features and create subtle or sophisticated design statements you’ll love for years to come.

Bill Cummins | General Manager – ALLCOOL Window Films

Bill Cummins joined ALLCOOL in 2008 and worked in sales for five years. The following five years Bill worked in Melbourne and Adelaide for two independent window film companies. Re-joining ALLCOOL in 2018, Bill became a shareholder and the General Manager, there is very little Bill doesn’t know about window film and his professional advice often given before a quotation is backed by his expertise.