Kitchens from around the world that inspire us

October 15, 2018

With 195 countries, approximately 6,500 languages and almost 7 and a half billion people in the world, it is no surprise we find so much diversity in the world.

We want to celebrate this assortment of cultures, countries, continents and culinary styles by showcasing 5 kitchens from 5 different continents.

So, sit back and savour our 5 contemporary versions of the traditional style kitchens from all around the world.


1. Mexico, North America


Famous for their Talavera tile work, Mexican kitchens offer colour, just like their dishes. Situated in Central America, despite being part of the North American continent, Mexico offers flavour in its food and décor. Add warmth to your home with ornate splashbacks and bold colour choices.



2. Argentina, South America


Industrial and rustic we have seen materials such as metal, wood and stone worked to make a large cold space warm and familiar. Luxury kitchens have an affordable and minimalist style that is inviting and vintage.

Nathalie Krag/ Taverne Agency, Producer: Tami Christiansen


3. England, Europe


Always wildly popular, the English country style kitchen is humble and rustic. With exposed wooden beams, an aga cooker to compliment this traditional style and a functional Belfast sink (that has been all the rage since the 1700s), you can see why these farmhouse kitchens are always trending.

Photo: Oberto Gili


4. Japan, Asia


Minimalism is king in Japan and balance and cleanliness is key. With the Japanese embracing different philosophies to architecture and design (including wabi-sabi, shibui and kanso) we can recognise a real connection between a kitchen’s configuration and mental wellbeing. Utilising space and raw materials these kitchens celebrate simplicity and offer an escape from the chaos of modernity.

Photo: Studio Junction


5. Morocco, Africa


Another country that appreciates a hand painted tile, Moroccan kitchens offer a rich tapestry of culture and colour. Whether you plan to employ the delicate contours of the charming ogee tiles or utilize the intricate beauty of the ever-popular Moroccan hand painted tiles, Moroccan kitchens offer their own Mediterranean style.

Photo: Trevor Tondro, House Beautiful April 2015

We have run through 5 kitchens from 5 different continents, but we can’t finish without mentioning our final continent (no, it is not Antarctica), it is of course Australia. Federation style kitchens are coming back in trend with a vengeance in the land down under. With a country inspired aesthetic, it really embraces the kitchen as the heart of the home.

While we all adore Australian federation builds, being inspired by design from outside our shores is a way to put a unique stamp on your kitchen. The kitchen is a space of artistry, expression and love, be excited in your workshop to cook up a storm. Whether you are following recipes from Morocco or Mexico, in contemporary Australia the kitchen is now an international space.

Lead image: Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash