5 smart ways to add value to your house

December 12, 2018

Improving your house doesn’t need to involve adding a bedroom or completely gutting the kitchen and bathroom.

Whilst these renovations are valuable, they’re not always cost-effective for every homeowner. If you want to get handy around the house and add value, there are ways to boost your home’s appeal and functionality without spending a fortune.

Whether you’re putting your property on the market or turning a house into a charming home, adding value to your house comes with more benefits than one. Here are the smartest tips to boost value:


1. Balance Open Plan with Privacy


Open plan living has been the dominant architectural trend since about 1990. Although it’s still a feature in high demand, it isn’t always a practical option especially now that many homeowners are favouring more versatile spaces that allow connectivity but also deliver privacy.

To get the best of both worlds, it’s important to create spaces that nurture both family and private time. Think multipurpose dining areas and open family spaces.

Tip: If you opt for open plan living, be strategic in your planning! Ripping out an entire living room to open it to the rest of the house isn’t a smart option if you’re reducing the total living space. However, combining larger spaces into multiple entertaining areas can be effective if you turn an additional space into a separate, private retreat.


2. Ditch the Pool


Australia’s harsh summers make investing in a pool an appealing idea for many homeowners.

Unfortunately, pools can be costly to install and maintain, and without a heater it might only be used in the warmer months. Unless they’re for your own use (and you plan to get a lot of use out of it), then it may not be worth putting it in purely for home resale value.

Ditching the pool will also allow you to free up your renovation budget for extras that offer a better return on investment. Split system air conditioning, automated garages, walk in robes and large pantries for the kitchen are examples.


3. Take Advantage of Wasted Space


Side yards are notorious for being wasted spaces.

They tend to be home to bins, clothes lines, chewed up dog’s toys and missing socks.

To make use of the space and improve your outdoor area, make use of it with vertical gardens or a welcoming walkway. You could also:

Create an edible garden: Side yards can be perfect for growing an edible garden with your favourite veggies and herbs

Pet pathway: Use pet-friendly materials and plants to create a pet pathway jungle down the side which can minimise dogs trampling the garden and give them their own space to frolic

Squeeze in a lap pool: Instead of investing in a full-size pool for the backyard, opt for a smaller and more cost-effective option


4. Create Zones


Interior and exterior spaces can be better defined by creating zones to boost the property’s value.

Large areas can be broken up into entertaining and living areas or redefined to be used as something else. For example, add a pergola to the backyard to create an entertaining zone or turn an outdoor area into an outdoor kitchen by adding a built-in barbeque and dining set.

Defined zones inside are particularly beneficial for smaller homes. Layer small interiors by lining up windows and doors so you can see through to other rooms and gardens. This will give you a sense of space and connection, without tearing down walls or over-extending the renovation budget.


5. Invest in the Outdoors


Outdoor living and entertaining is a popular Australian pastime.

According to Houzz, one in two Australians use their outdoor space for entertaining – so it pays to invest in this area.

Structural features such as decking, pergolas and garden beds top the most-wanted list, with 86% of homeowners updating or introducing structural additions last year. Other ways to invest in your outdoor area include:

Outdoor lighting: Illuminate pathways and steps, gardens, pergolas and any architectural features with smart LED lighting

Maximise indoor/outdoor living: Add French or sliding doors to blur the lines and seamlessly connect the spaces

Gardens: Regular pruning, fresh mulch and maintained trees and shrubs can do wonders for your backyard’s appearance. Create interesting shapes with garden beds and borders to add layers and depth to the space

Add privacy: Privacy is vital for improving the feeling of seclusion and adding value. Consider adding screening plants, fences and even mature trees to increase privacy, as well as including curtains or blinds on outdoor pergola structures

What will you be including when adding value to your house? Leave your comments below.


Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, on behalf of Central Screens – Providers of high-strength home security screens and doors. You can catch her on LinkedIn.