Outdoor flooring options for your backyard renovation

January 30, 2019

If your backyard craves a summer makeover, it’s important to choose the perfect flooring option for your patio, front yard and pool side area.

Although flooring isn’t at the top of Australia’s renovations list, most Aussies use their outdoor space for entertaining – so you want to get the flooring just right.

From hard flooring options to soft, there are multiple factors that’ll affect the final choice of material such as space, structural elements and budget. But ultimately, it must fit your lifestyle needs.

When designing or renovating your backyard, start from the floor up. Stuck for inspiration? Here are the top outdoor flooring options to get you started.




Sustainable living is no longer just a ‘trend’.

In fact, many Australians are becoming more mindful about their lifestyle purchases and how their decisions impact the environment.

If environmentally-friendly is important to you, consider these flooring options:

Composite Wood Decking

A sustainable alternative to timber and other hardwoods, composite materials are a mix of wood particles (wood chips or wood fibre pieces) and plastic.

This decking style is designed to mimic the natural appeal of traditional wood decking. However, doesn’t splinter, rot or warp. Homeowners can benefit from its low maintenance properties, durability and stylish look. It’s also UV stable making it ideal for Australian conditions.

Installing composite flooring to your backyard or pool area creates a rustic charm, adding warmth and a visual focal point to any space.

Artificial Grass

More homeowners are ditching the lawn in favour for outdoor structures such as patio or deck area to landscape for sustainability. However, if you want a soft flooring option that doesn’t consume your water bill, artificial lawn is far less demanding on the environment than regular grass.

Although it’ll need a hose down or sweep to clean, it won’t need regular watering or chemicals to keep it looking lush like.

Choose between different blade shapes and colours to get the look you desire, and toss the lawnmower out. Synthetic turf can also be installed yourself. It’s allergy-free, won’t make you itchy and soft for children and pets to play.


Low Maintenance


According to Cosh Living, Australians are opting for low maintenance backyards to suit their lifestyles. Artificial lawn isn’t the only option either. For hard flooring options that don’t require much TLC, consider these alternatives:

Stylish Brick

Brick is a stylish, low maintenance option because it can laid in a number of patterns and requires little effort to keep looking good.

It’s cost-effective compared to stone, but more expensive than concrete. Coupled with wooden or iron outdoor furniture, it adds an attractive appeal to any outdoor space.

Finishes can be either smooth or textured, and in various shades depending on the look you wish to achieve. Bricks are highly durable and weather resistance. However, they can be time consuming to lay.

Affordable Concrete

Although basic concrete slabs are the most affordable option for outdoor flooring, colouring and stamping options can make this material resemble other flooring styles such as stone or bricks. It also allows you to get more creative with flair, especially with stencilcrete (stenciled concrete).

Concrete pavers are ideal for patios, driveways, pool areas and pathways. They’re durable and easy to repair, making them good for long-term. To clean, you simply need to hose down or sweep, and they’re environmentally-friendly because they don’t require any solvents, chemicals or stains.

Highly Durable Stone

Stone may be more expensive than concrete, but it won’t discolour as easily and stops weeds growing through any gaps.

If you want a cost-effective solution, manufactured stone pavers are more inexpensive than natural stone. But if you crave the appeal, texture and colour of natural stone, consider stone flagging or flagstone.




Have a pool area that needs new flooring? It’s important to choose materials that are anti-slip and durable. You also want to ensure your choice will survive pool chemicals and the harsh Australian sun. Some ideas include:


Ceramic and porcelain tiles give homeowners an upscale look without breaking the bank. They’re great for pool and entertaining areas because of their anti-slip and low maintenance properties (providing you go with textured tiles that are specially formulated for outdoor pool areas), and design options.

Typically, tiles will require a sealant to protect grout from cracking. Accent tiles can be placed around the pool border for unique design ideas, with contrasting colours and patterns or the use of smaller tiles to create a mosaic focal point.


Decking enhances your pool and garden area thanks to its timeless, natural appeal.

Timber or composite decking isn’t harsh under your feet and is more child-friendly than other alternatives in case of a fall. This material is designed to be slip resistance and allows for water drainage to minimise puddles. It also substantially reduces the amount of dirt and grass that’s transferred into the pool.

Artificial Grass

Synthetic lawn is better for pool areas than natural grass because of the transfer of dirt/grass.

It requires little effort to keep clean, stays cool under feet and soft enough for sunbaking, relaxing and entertaining on. Whilst artificial is more practical for the pool space, both synthetic turf and natural grass provide a perfect outdoor play zone for kids and pets. For a more luxurious appearance, consider longer-blade grass which can be found in artificial and natural.

Which outdoor flooring style do you prefer for your backyard? Leave your comments below!

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