Nursery know-how: a guide to setting up your baby’s room

May 11, 2019

There’s nothing more enjoyable as an expecting parent than setting up your baby’s room perfect for their arrival. Although there may be a lot to think about and a lot to buy from the baby shop, once your baby arrives in the world you’ll know you have created the ideal place for them to start their life.

While there is a lot to consider, you should try to make a list of things that you will need first, before diving straight in as this will mean that you can plan everything more easily. From the wall colour to cots, there are many things that you’ll need to set up your baby’s room, so here is a guide to provide some inspiration and ideas on what to consider.


Colour is hugely important when it comes to painting your baby’s nursery, so you can create a beautiful and calming environment for them to sleep in. While the traditional colour palette of pink and blue are common choices, neutral colours such as serene green, lavender, lilacs and white are great picks for those who do not know the sex of the baby. By creating a colour theme, you can extend this to the rest of the room to create a peaceful and safe place for your baby to adjust to. Add finishing touches like animals, murals, decorative pieces and paintings to make the baby’s room look cosy and unique.


When adding furniture to your baby’s room, try to keep the items close to the wall so they don’t get in the way and fix any heavy furniture to the floor so it can’t be moved. Think about the layout you would like to make it accessible to tend to your baby whenever they need you, after all you don’t want to injure yourself if you have to enter in the dark. Your baby will need a comfortable cot that’s not too high, a wardrobe and some drawers to store their things, and a chair so that you can read them a bedtime story before they go to sleep.


Baby’s love to play, as that’s a big influence on how they learn, so having plenty of toys and play space is essential when setting up your baby’s room. Whether it’s a cuddly teddy bear, some building blocks, or a train set, let your baby explore the world with toys that will bring them heaps of joy day after day. A toy box is the perfect addition to a baby’s room and will help to keep things organised, so you won’t have to tip-toe through the room to avoid stepping on toys. Cot toys and baby mobiles with sound are also great ideas to help your baby sleep well and become familiar with their surroundings.


Adding finishing touches to the room with baby technology, such as baby monitors and bedtime soothers can make parenting that little bit easier, as you’ll always know when they’re awake and how to get them back to sleep. Typically, baby monitors only pick up sound, but now there are a number of products that offer video too so you can watch your baby sleep too. As for sleeping aids and night lights, there are plenty of products that can help your baby sleep better or get back to sleep after waking up, so take a look around and see what will work best for your baby.



While there is a lot that you will need to prepare for your baby’s arrival, by being prepared you can save yourself a lot of time and make setting up your baby’s room one of the most enjoyable parts about expecting a baby. With careful planning, once your baby arrives you’ll have created the perfect environment for them to learn and grow.