Furry friend fixes – preparing your home for a new pet

May 4, 2019

Pets are much more than just animals, they’re a loved part of the family and put a smile on your face day after day. Whether they greet you at the door when you come home from work or begging you to play fetch with them in the garden, pets are the most lovable furry friends that any owner could ask for. As a great addition to the family, pets need to be well looked after, so there are many ways you should prepare your home in order to accommodate them. From having the correct equipment to pet supplies, here are a few ideas when preparing your home for a new pet.


Whatever pet you choose to own, purchasing the right equipment before you actually bring a pet home will ensure that you have everything you need to accommodate your new friend and make the adjustment easier. The equipment you’ll need will be dependent on the pet you’re looking to bring home, as some may need more than others, so here are a few ideas on what you’ll need:

Cats & Dogs

Preparing for cats and dogs are possibly the most common type of animals owned by pet lovers and are generally quite easy to accommodate at most homes. For dogs, you’ll generally need a dog leash when taking them for a walk and a bed/kennel for them to sleep in. For cats, ensure you have a cat bed and litter tray with plenty of cat litter to prevent any little accidents occurring throughout the home. Of course you can always treat both cats and dogs with toys too, so they can play with you!



Fish are also highly popular pets and typically quite easy to look after, as there are relatively few things you need to keep fish healthy. To start with, you’ll need a fish tank that’s large enough for the fish to swim around freely and large enough for it to disperse the fish’s waste until it’s processed by the filter. You’ll also need a filter to keep the water moderately clean in between water changes and some decorative pieces that provide hiding places for the fish.

Small Animals

When caring for small animals such as rats or hamsters, you’ll need to ensure to create the proper habitat which will depend on the type of small animal you’re wanting to own. For many small animals, there are kits that come with everything you need such as a cage, wheel, water bottle and bedding, which are a great way to prepare your home.


When preparing for a rabbit, you may need to make a few more adjustments than just finding a place in the home to position the cage. You’ll need to start with a hutch and a water bottle, then line with fresh hay and provide fresh greens for it to eat. If your pet rabbit will be inside, then you’ll also need to bunny proof your home, as it will need space to run around and explore without getting injured or chew through anything in its reach.

Pet Supplies

Along with the correct equipment, you’ll also need to ensure you have plenty of pet supplies so you never get caught short. Pet supplies such as cat litter, dog poop bags and fresh hay, are essential items when preparing your home for a new pet as they’re items that you’ll often need to use. You should also ensure to stock plenty of pet food at home so you can keep them well-nourished and maintain their health.

Cleaning Supplies

When owning a pet you have to realise that accidents happen, but when they do you should make sure you’re prepared for it to ensure your home is clean and smelling fresh. Cleaning supplies are critical to getting rid of those paw prints on your sofa or the smell of a full litter box in your home, so always make sure you have enough pet cleaning supplies to tackle them head on.



It’s not always easy integrating a pet into your home, but by preparing your home for it you’ll be able to make the transition as smooth as possible. While some pets may need a little more accommodating than others, there’s nothing more rewarding than owning and loving a pet.