How to maintain an allergy-free home

July 22, 2019

You shouldn’t have to worry about being allergic to your own home. Things such as pet hair, dust, and mould can make you very uncomfortable. Maintaining an allergy-free home can be managed with these simple steps.

Regular vacuuming 

This means a thorough clean and not just a quick tidy. At least once a week you should do a complete vacuum. This includes your couches and skirting birds. Make sure you vacuum in all hidden corners and under your furniture. Just because you cannot see the dirt it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Also, note that if you have pets and or carpet you will need to vacuum more frequently. Pet hair can be an enormous irritant. 

Tips: Try keeping a regular vacuuming schedule. If you have pets try purchasing a vacuum that is made for eliminating pet hair. Using a steam cleaner can help as well.


Make sure you are dusting regularly and effectively. It might even be worth creating a cleaning schedule to remember to do this. You want to dust with a damp cloth rather than a dry cloth to avoid just moving the dust around. If the dust irritates you as you clean, you should invest in a dust mask.

Make sure you are dusting forgotten areas such as behind the tv, on top of your fridge, behind your toilets, and behind doors. If you have lots of decorations you will need to make sure that these are dusted too. 

Cull the clutter

Clutter can harbour a lot of dust and allergens. If your house has too much stuff it is going to be hard to keep everything clean. Imagine how much easier it will be only having to dust and clean a few things. 

Use environmentally friendly cleaners

You might think that you’re doing the right thing by using heavy chemicals in your home but the truth is heavy chemicals can actually trigger an allergic reaction. You can now easily purchase green cleaners or you can make your own. 

Get rid of all traces of mould in your home

If not dealt with mould can be dangerous. Mould loves growing in moist areas of the home such as your bathroom. To avoid this you should regularly clean your bathroom. If you have an exhaust fan you should be using this while showering to help remove the humidity from the air. 

When possible you should also open windows and allow some fresh air into your bathroom. If you have a shower curtain make sure you are keeping this clean and that you are hanging your towels and bathmats up after use to ensure that they dry properly. 

Allergy management in the bedroom

To maintain allergy-free bedrooms make sure you are washing your sheets in water about 60 degrees Celsius at least once per week. Cover your pillows and mattresses in dust mite resistant covers and if you have soft toys on your bed make sure that these are cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

Keep your sink clean

You want to be washing your dishes daily. Do not let old food putrefy in your sink. Furthermore, if you have food residue in your sink get rid of it. When you are done using your kitchen sponge wring it out and leave it to try. You do not want it to be damp and consequently become a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure that you are also changing your kitchen sponges regularly.  

Keep your surfaces, windows and mirrors clean 

Wipe counters and benches daily to stop grime from forming. Also when you notice your windows and mirrors getting dusty ensure that you keep these clean

Additional tips:

If possible try replacing carpets with laminate, tiles, floorboards or lino.

If you have curtains make sure you are keeping these clean. They can hold a lot of dust.

Dust and disinfect your window sills, light switches and doorknobs every so often.

When cooking keep your exhaust fan on in your kitchen.

If your range hood has removable filters pull these out and clean them regularly.

If possible keep your home below 20°. A warm home can be a bacteria breeding ground.

Keep your fridge clean. Throw away expired food and clean up any traces of food residue in your fridge.


If you can follow these steps, you will surely enjoy a healthier and happier home. Your nose, lungs and the rest of your body will thank you later. So will your pets and family!