Gathering competitor prices and inventory for your eBay home business

August 28, 2019

As a small home business, any competitive edge you can get is going to make you feel more ahead. There are a lot of options and solutions on the market to help you along the way. Deciding which one to use can be one of the toughest choices to make, but only one will give you the insight and type of information to give you a real edge – scraping. If you aren’t sure why scraping is so important for your home business, let’s take a look at what you can expect to gain.

A clear picture

Web scraping is the best way to get a clearer picture of the market you are operating in. As a home business, you won’t have the benefits of infinite budgets or resources so you need to be smarter with your research. Scraping gives you a tool to do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to gain a clear snapshot through eBay price scraping. eBay craping can scour the market for any number of data points about your competitors. Once you have a good understanding of the lay of the land you can begin to augment your offering to meet your customer’s needs.

Competitive prices

Scraping is a quick and easy way to get a deeper insight into your price competitiveness. In a market that is dominated by time-poor customers who are looking for a quick decision, the price is very important in the decision process. By scraping your competitor’s listings you can get a clear snapshot of how you stack up in terms of price. Armed with that kind of information, you can choose any number of strategies to compete, and get strategic based on that insight. You can choose to up the ante on product copy or imagery, lower prices to meet the market or even raise them beyond what you currently charge. Doing this without the insight of scraping data is dangerous, but with those illuminating data points, you can make more informed decisions.

What are you offering?

If you have ever wondered why your competitors are selling more on eBay than your home business, perhaps they are attracting customers through a superior offering. You could spend hours clicking through page after page of products to find out, or you can use scraping solutions to get all the information you need. A scraping solution is capable of scraping an entire eBay inventory or catalogue of your competitors in no time at all. With that information, you can get a better sense of how you compare, ideas for new product offerings or even make tough decisions on what products to lose. Once you understand the inventory or catalogues of your competitors you can make smarter decisions about a lot of steps in your business process.

Putting it all together

Using a scraping solution for your eBay home business is a great way to give you a complete picture of the market you compete in. Be sure to use this information as an aggregate view of the market, as opposed to in isolation. Pricing alone may help you work out your own product prices and inventory knowledge will give you an insight into whether what you offer is on par. Putting these two things together will help you understand your business at a much more strategic level and you can begin making genuine decisions on the direction of your business. Decisions on areas like niche market or mass appeal, price competitor or quality leader are all worth exploring.

Armed with the intelligence that scraping solutions offer can allow you to take your home business into a dependable and growing income source. Instead of flying blind, open your eyes and give your business the best chance at success by using scraping solutions.