Keeping your home warm through the cooler months

August 22, 2019

Home means different things to everyone, but warmth is a welcome feeling that we all seek when walking through the door at the end of the day. Despite how hard we try to hold on to spring and summer, the cooler months roll in and make it challenging to keep the inside and outside of our home warm. When home stops feeling like a warm and comfortable refuge, moments of relaxation and entertainment are not as heightened as we would like them to be. Take control of the elements this year by making these changes, and start enjoying every inch of your home, year-round.

Install a heating system

It doesn’t matter if you hail from the North or South of Australia, winter impacts us all to varying extents. Rather than reigning in the social occasions and outdoor activities, many savvy homeowners are installing gas wall heaters to balance the temperature and make those evenings outdoors linger a little longer. Expertly designed, these wall heaters offer a non-obtrusive solution that can be used on patios, courtyards, balconies and even outdoor kitchens. If you’re hoping to gain an edge over your friends’ outdoor entertainment areas, you’ll find that they may just follow suit when they witness the warmth of your wall heating.

Experiment with all textures 

Rather than simply tolerating the cooler months, learn to embrace them by mixing up your textures around the house. Adorn your furniture with throws and cushions made from rich materials that are heavy in nature and luxurious to touch. It’s also a great idea to cover those cold tile ground surfaces with shaggy thick rugs, which means you don’t have to get around inside with your thick woollen socks. Make sure you keep away from bright colours when you start adding in these pieces and use a deeper winter palette instead. This texture blend allows for more time spent in communal spaces, as well as reducing the need to wander the home in a few too many layers. Once you get comfortable making these simple changes, you can explore other winter home decor ideas that might work for your home. 

Address your insulation

Poor insulation is typically the root cause of all cold homes. The good news is there are many ways you can address this issue, some simple and others more significant. Thermal curtains are a quick and affordable solution, sealing in the warmer air and keeping the cool temperature outside. Many homeowners deploy thermal curtains throughout the house, with the untrained eye only seeing a stylish curtain. If you want to make larger strides with your insulation, you can call a professional to assess your roof insulation and put plans in place to improve your insulation. 

Adjust your living space

They say change is as good as a holiday, and changing your furniture design might just feel like a turn in the seasons too. If you have a split level home, you can consider shifting your primary living and entertaining spaces upstairs to capitalise on the hot air rising. Single level homes can also shift rooms around to leverage the flow and sun orientation. It’s also nice to welcome guests into your fresh space, allowing for an opportunity to show other parts of your home. 

If you can’t stretch yourself in each room of the house throughout the year, it stops feeling like a comfortable home. And where else can you sprawl on the couch or patio in your pyjamas? By using these indoor and outdoor warming solutions, you will notice the seasons pass through without any discomfort or inconvenience to you or your fellow residents.