The benefits of a knock-down rebuild

August 14, 2019

Whether you have just purchased an older home that you aren’t sure how to salvage or have outgrown your current home, considering a knockdown and rebuild over a renovation may be the right move. Renovations are a fun projects, but only if you are willing to make the allowance of living with your work. Contrastly, a knockdown and rebuild has a range of benefits which may be better suited to you and your lifestyle, depending on your property and needs. If you aren’t sure whether to renovate, move or knockdown and rebuild, then consider the benefits of the latter.

Choose your own layout

In a bustling property market, getting any property can be tough. Knocking down an existing structure and rebuilding, not only allows you greater freedom over the design, but it allows you to completely change the layout and inclusions of your home. Perhaps you weren’t sold on the placement of certain walls, bedroom configurations or even sizes. A knockdown and rebuild allows you to start again, on your terms. A knock down and rebuild in Sydney market is a perfect idea as it allows you to reposition your home and design it from scratch.

Make it your own

Knockdown and rebuilds are the only way to create the home you have always wanted. Renovations are good for creating a room or two of your own, but rebuilding your entire home means it is all yours. From the benchtops to the floorboards, a rebuild means coming home to your own design and the image you have always held in your mind of your perfect home. It’s often the little things that matter most and with a knockdown and rebuild, all of the little things are within your control.

Resale value

Renovations and rebuilds will typically result in a better resale value. Knockdowns and rebuilds however, have the benefit of being brand new all over which can be a rarity in the Australian market. Renovations to major rooms will always become a highlight to a potential buyer. With a knockdown and rebuild, the whole home is that shiny, new room to a prospective buyer. If you’re looking to turn around the asset quickly after completion, then a rebuild is a great way to open the home up new markets and prospect buyers.

It can be easier

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that completely knocking down and rebuilding a home can be easier than simply updating a few rooms. But that is the market sentiment. With most construction projects you just don’t know what is going to happen until you get started, and builders may never work at the pace they would if it was them who was laying down the foundations from scratch. Renovations can also often uncover unforeseen issues that result in budget blowouts and delays. The benefit of a knockdown and rebuild is in the simplicity. You are removing any potential issues with the existing building and starting fresh. So long as equipment and resources are available it can often be a more cost effective and timely way to give your home a facelift.

Stay where you are

Renovations are one possibility, but if you have outgrown your current home you may be thinking you have to move. The good news is that you don’t have to leave the area you love to find a more suitable home. A knockdown and rebuild means you can stay where you are and design a home for your future needs. Adding a room or extension is easy when you are starting a new design. Rebuilds allow you the freedom to plan for the future, without having to settle in a new area.

Knocking down your existing home and rebuilding can be a daunting prospect, but is actually has a number of benefits that make it a great option. Designing your perfect home that allows you to stay in the area you have always loved? An easy decision to make. A rebuild guarantees you a home you’ll love now and into the future.