How to upcycle your shed into an outdoor oasis

December 3, 2019

Looking to escape the daily grind?

You don’t need to look further than your own backyard to enjoy some downtime.

If you have a storage shed that’s not being used or crave extra room, repurposing it into usable space can breathe new life into an old shed.

Converting the humble storage shed into a luxury garden escape perks up an outdoor area and creates your own private oasis to retreat to. Whether it’s for personal use (man caves and she sheds) or a creative studio to work in, this is a place you can design to maximise living and entertaining and inspire new hobbies.

Sheds have hidden qualities that make them more than a storage place for tools. So, find another home for the mower– here’s how you can turn your storage shed into a state-of-the-art pod.

1. Choose a Shed Theme

Before you begin upcycling your shed, determine its purpose to define the theme. Ask yourself, what are you using it for?

A homely hideout to spend some child-free time will need a different theme to a sanctuary for reading or working in.

Most old storage sheds will require more than a fresh coat of paint, furniture and a few accessories. To soften raw edges, if you’re going for something homely, add cosy details and choose neutral, muted colours like grey, pastels and earthy yellows or greens. If its purpose is for work, think bright and bold colours to boost alertness and concentration.

Get inspired with these paint colours for sheds and patios.

Tip: Still need space to store garden tools? Turn them into a feature by hanging them from a rail or pegboard. It’ll give them a home whilst creating a rustic charm to your outdoor oasis. Same goes with existing shelves and storage spaces. Before ripping them out, see if they can be put to good use.

2. Engage with a Residential Shed Builder

A solid structure is a blueprint for a successful project.

If you’re looking to change the structure or build a custom designed shed, there are strict building regulations to abide by before you put shovel to dirt. Working with a shed builder can help navigate this process. Alternatively, consider a prefabricated kit for a more efficient method.

Old storage sheds that have been sitting unused may need repairs first. Check for structural issues, including wood rot, uneven floors and broken windows. Once sound, repurposing the inside and decorating will be a smoother process.

3. Seal Cracks to Make Weatherproof

To prevent drafts, dust and deadly mosquitoes, seal cracks and use weatherstripping to make your shed is airtight.

Old storage sheds take a beating from Australian weather conditions if they’re not prepared. Insulation and electricity for proper lighting, heating and cooling must be considered and installed by licensed tradies to create a usable space all year round.

4. Add Natural Light

An upcycled storage shed is perfect for an open-air, indoor-outdoor feel. One way to enhance this is to allow natural light into the space.

Skylights are a great addition if you’re after light and air. You’ll also want to check existing windows to increase their security. To maximise space, create an open-living feel and encourage more natural light opt for a sliding door.

Tip: Windows and doors will provide important ventilation and security, and make the exterior of your shed more attractive. For extra air flow, consider adding wall vents.

5. A Garden Hideaway

Surround your shed with nature for a garden hideaway.

Grassy plants, window boxes filled with colourful blooms or green vines add a tranquil vibe. You can create an exterior that complements the rest of your garden with low-maintenance landscaping. For more privacy, choose tall fast-growing shrubs like bamboo, Leighton Green and Lilli Pilly which act as screening plants. Climbing ivy vines and hedges can also conceal your shed.

Add plants for inside and outside the space. Indoor houseplants that last with little hassle, such as air plants, succulents and aloe vera are hardy and suitable for t he dry Australian climate. For the finishing touch create a DIY walkway with brick, paving stones or gravel that leads from the house to your new shed space.

There are many options for storage sheds nowadays. What will you be transforming yours into? Leave your comments below!

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Walker on behalf of Action Sheds – a family owned business who provide versatile shed options to Perth and Australia. Jayde is a professional copywriter and storyteller based in Perth who specialises in writing about home improvement, property investment, building design, small business and travel. Catch her on LinkedIn.