How to Get a Home Ready For Market

June 21, 2020

Selling is an exciting time, made even more exhilarating when you get that offer that rewards your hard work. Now before you get to that point, there is a lot of effort that goes into preparing a home for sale, as you can no longer expect to blow away the market with a tidy of the home and mow of the lawn. If you are up for the challenge, you can present a home that exceeds the standard of your area and scores you a nice surplus over the asking price. Let’s get into the task ahead and prepare your home for the market. 

Everything in working order

This might be a no brainer, and yet houses get listed every day that aren’t quite ready for a new owner. Patchy electrical might be something you can adapt to on the day today, but a motivated and objective buyer will want to know that wiring is safe and all electrical certificates are up to date. If this sounds like an expensive job, it really isn’t, and you can even ask your electrician in Port Melbourne to itemise the jobs that need to be done and work through them one by one. On the day of your open home, are you really going to let lightning and some faulty switches dissuade a potential offer? The market will have a hard time picturing themselves lounging in one room and cooking in the next if they are weighing up the electrical issues and budgeting for those improvements. 

Consider home staging and styling

Once considered the gold standard of selling, home staging and styling is now almost the expectation. Home staging and styling allows you to portray a lifestyle which highlights the best features of your home, with potential buyers able to place themselves in each room and fall in love with the beauty. It can also be an incredibly useful tool to take control of the narrative of your home. Rather than buyers seeing a small third bedroom – let them see a study instead. If your outdoor entertaining space isn’t large – furnish it with the right tables and chair that position it to appear more spacious. 

Landscape your yard and frontage

Your frontage holds a heavy responsibility as it is the first thing your potential buyers see when they arrive at your property. You’ll need to manicure your lawn and tidy your trees and shrubbery so that your home is framed well, with a poor frontage easily taking away from the impact of your beautiful home. You also want to sell the idea that your home is easy to maintain, so resist the urge to do anything too intricate in the front or backyard. You can ready your home for sale without spending a fortune, but do account for some spend in the garden and frontage – as you will see it back tenfold. Also, remember that your letterbox and driveway are included in this area, so if you can buff or repaint either – now is the time.

Ask for feedback

Your real estate agent can provide more value than you may think, so be sure to probe them about the target audience that is interested in your suburb and price range so that you can use these insights in your favour. Is your home going to attract young families or downsizers? This might influence your styling choices, and it might actually highlight which of your friends and family belong to that demographic and can give you feedback on your market-ready home and what should be tweaked. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for a buyer persona, and ask them how the photography and property listing is going to speak to that unique persona.

If they say buying a home can be stressful, then watch out when it comes to selling! That’s not to say it is something you should dread, as the right attitude and ideas are well and truly rewarded when you achieve that asking price and get the offer of your dreams.